Out Tomorrow - The triumphant return of AutomAte Deep!


K Mag caught up with Fuj ahead of his AutomAte Deep debut
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Allow AutomAte Deep to introduce Fuj, a Japanese-Laotian-Australian producer who makes beats deeper and darker than the Pacific.

With such a cultural crossover building up his personal influences, there's something uniquely diverse about Fuj's productions. Clean and crisp on first glance, peer deeper into the abyss and intricate soundscapes appear from below the surface.

Buy the tunes here from Monday 20/01/14 ->
Beatport - http://btprt.dj/1i9aW9n
Juno - http://bit.ly/1cF6Yxo
TrackItDown - http://bit.ly/1ayxgBC

Buried deep in the techy, dark traditions of old school drum and bass but with a fearless ability to bring fresh sounds into the equation, first track “Pressure Plates” plays with tempo, texture and shadows.

Burning white hot underneath a deceptively calm veneer of samples and precisely-tuned percussion, its intensity creeps and lingers, using little more than off-beats to build the tension. Less is more, as they say.

“Terror Firmer” is a more persuasive beast, pushing its huge weight steadily along tightly rolling hi-hats. As it progresses, more of Fuj's perfectly honed drums kick in at opportune moments, lashing at unruly, snarling bass, forcing things forward.

There are things at work here beyond what can be described – Fuj paints dark pictures with his bass, lighting the dank spaces he's conjured with a single crack of a snare. Listen and see for yourself.

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