Drum & Bass OUT TODAY! The Grease Monkey EP On NONE DECAY MUSIC

The Grease Monkey EP
Full Release Date: 20th May 2013

None Decay Music present the Grease Monkey EP, their latest collection of tracks showing off their grindy, attitude-filled music. The release has already garnered a great deal of interest from DJs including Billion, AnnGree and Barrington. And you know that with that kind of support in the bag, this is a big, big release.
Duncan Aldcroft and Oliver Tome set up the imprint in 2010, after long and varied carriers in music stretching back to the ‘90s. Their None Decay project, focuses on the techstep/neuro blend for which they have been rightly applauded. The Grease Monkey release sees them raise the bar, with four tracks on which they take no prisoners, and spare no attention to detail in their quest to further their musical aims.

Things start off all creepy and crawly with the epic title cut. The track drops in from a great height, with some layered kicks and snares all over a snarling, swarming undercurrent of bass. ND’s music has always been about going to new and unexplored places, and this is the overriding theme of the EP. Space Rage uses double-timed drums in the intro, after which the bassline takes over, shifting perspectives and shedding light on techstep’s dark corners. A lull in the middle of the track only serves to reinforce its power when the full assault kicks back in. Apprehension is the name of the game with Drone Hunter, as the producers make you wait for the goods. The wait’s all worth it though, as the meaty main part of the track is pay off for the anticipation in the build up. Wobbly low end compliments some nice percussive work up top. Thread Bare closes things off with some mellow piano, which is soon replaced by something more solid and menacing.

The Grease Monkey EP is None Decay at their best. Expect more from the crew throughout 2013, as they bring to the heat to a rave, a radio station, and a set of decks near you.

Support from : Billion, AnnGree and Barrington

Listen Here: www.soundcloud.com/none-decay-music www.nonedecaymusic.co.uk