OUT NOW: Rregula-Corner Hash Man-SHB004

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    Hi everybody,

    the first shadybrain release for 2008 is out now as full artwork promo. MP3s will follow shortly.

    Rregula - Corner Hash Man / Shit's Dope - SHB004

    distributed by Triple Vision / ST Holdings

    A Side- Rregula - Corner Hash Man
    AA Side- Rregula - Shit's Dope

    Without a doubt 2008 will be a good year for .shadybrain as the label has lined up some heavy tunes to be released in the forthcoming months. It all starts with SHB004 containing two tunes by the Australian dreadlock madman Rregula. Rregula, who is one part of the infamous duo Bad Robot, has already released on labels like DSCI4, Black Sun Empire, Technique and Disturbed. With „Corner Hash Man“ and „Shit’s Dope“ on .shadybrain he rolls out two tunes which will set every dancefloor on fire.

    A – Rregula – Corner Hash Man
    The tune starts off with cutting edge synth melodies before the drop leads into a grimey bassline craziness. Accompanied by strong beats which hit as hard as a Tyson punch „Corner Hash Man“ is the perfect tune for the peak time of each rave as well as every neurofunk clubnight.

    AA – Rregula – Shit’s Dope
    Shit really is dope with this one. Do not mistake this tune for a B-Side filler as it is straight A-Side material and will satisfy every DnB head who likes his beats hard and filthy. The pumping bassline and heavy beat choppage will make all the dancers call out for one thing only: The rewind!

    Place your oders:

    SOON TO COME: Er.ic - The Abyss / Symmetry

    Also don't forget to check through our backstock and merchandise offers on www.myspace.com/shadybrain

    Thanks a lot and many greetings from Berlin,

    Chris / .shadybrain :bruce:
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