Out now on Ruff-Teck 66: Hook & Bling / Knuckle Shuffle


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Out now on Ruff-Teck 66: Hook & Bling / Knuckle Shuffle

Heavy business on the new release of the exquisite Ruff-Teck label.
Representative Ancronix tricks your mind again with this deuced 12” containing one solo track and one track with madman DJ Fox.

Ancronix - Hook & Bling
Time to lay down some serious sound with Ancronix's Hook & Bling. This piece of work endorses the feeling you want to escape everyday life and undertake scenarios nobody dares but everybody desires. The heavily-built bassline forces you in the wrong direction of what's good! While the sly sounds and ill-mannered drums hold you back from retaining your ethical believe! Ancronix let you surrender to insecurity to encounter liberty of evolvement.
Classic Ruff-Teck business!

Ancronix & DJ Fox - Knuckle Shuffle
Ancronix teams up with DJ Fox to bring lunacy to the people with a solid track that will hit you like a mistress with a 9 inch strap on. Rather terrifying until you notice she brought it for your girlfriend instead of you!
The double climax before the drop urge you to participate in the game. The moaning synthesizer line stirs up your instincts and distorts your rational line of thought.
This is the moment to lose control!

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Unusual Incident - Drug In

DJ Hidden - Wastelands

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