Label Out Now: Kriotek EP [T3K017]

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    The first release of Kriotek on T3K Recordings is here! And the guys
    from Romania create a crazy vortex of sound which you can not escape:
    4 tracks of superb arrangement, clever structure and tight mixdown
    compiled to one EP. These demonstrate not only their musical abilities
    but also their technical skills. Expect more from them (Kriotek basically
    are Proton Kid and Nufojah, and both do solo works, too) on T3K Recordings
    in the future and also check the tunes already out on T3K013 and T3K014,
    those on Digital Venom ("Anomaly" by Kriotek and "Innocuous" by Proton Kid)
    and T-Files ("Tsar" remixed by Kriotek) plus those on various other labels...

    Audio Preview:

    The music is available here:


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