[OUT NOW] FORCE-071 - Collective Intelligence Vol.2


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[OUT NOW] FORCE-071 - Collective Intelligence Vol.2

It's out! Jump over to junodigital.co.uk, beatport.com or beatsdigital.com to snag the bish :) Other outlets like doa, trackitdown and the home label site will roll it out as the day goes on (timezones and all).

Download the album here:

Download the advance promo mix here:
FORCE-071 - Collective Intelligence Vol.2 - Advance Promo Mix

(click image to download advance promo mix)

01) Glitch - Worth Going To Hell For (original mix)
02) SST & Glitch - Scanner
03) Pattern Recognition - Right Went Left
04) Noah D - The Killer
05) Castor feat. Ill-Esha - Not The Way
06) Gremlinz & Noah D - Untamed
07) Xpander - No Fear
08) Pattern Recognition - Dying (Vector Burn Remix)
09) AFLAME - Things Remix
10) The Riot - Ember
11) Pattern Recognition - Outspoken (AFLAME Remix)
12) AFLAME - Fake Remix
13) Vector Burn - Dominion (Through The Never Mirror / CLRH2O VIP)
14) AFLAME & Pattern Recognition - Please Believe (Metal Mix)

When we started the label back in 1999 we put together a compilation that represented what FORCE was about at the time and where (in a sense) we wanted to direct the label in the years to come... That said, even I never knew it would be almost 9 years (the first album released in 2001) and 70 singles later before the next label comp would be released!!!

So here we are at the end of 2009 and the 14 song "Collective Intelligence Vol.2" is complete.

This Album represents over 3 years of work - from getting all the songs produced, mixed and mastered in the studio or licensed with many hundreds of dollars, hours and contracts for up front payments - the path to release has been long indeed. Additionally CIv2 is a page turning release meant to close out experiments made in a number of styles and sounds. This closure opens the door to new formats including Dubstep and Halfstep that will expand the footprint of FORCE as we look forward to 2010 and beyond.

A ton of guys have jumped on this project including Noah D, Gremlinz, Vector Burn, The Riot, Castor & Ill-Esha, Pattern Recognition, AFLAME, Never Mirror, (myself CLRH2O), Glitch, Stereo Storm Trooper, Jaybee and Xpander to whom I cant send enough love and respect. The songs in this album from the crew are stunning, and regardless of the style exact each is a tome unto it's self. After all of these years the album could have been over 30 tracks, but these represent the cream that has risen to the top.... and I hope you all enjoy them a ton!

One other note, if you run a radio show or have gigs in the next month before the release drops, hit us up (AIM: patternrecogntn) and we'll sort you with copies to play :) It's all love, and we cant thank you enough for any support you might want to give.