Out Now – U.K. promos & releases 31st July

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    BINGO048 Dope Skillz – Technical Difficulties / High Times [Bingo] A B
    BINGO050 Redeyes / Stu C4C – Pusherman / Flow [Bingo] A B
    RRLP07 various – New Horizons [Renegade Recordings]
    a. Mutt – Crazy listen
    b. Dub1 – Gwarn Amen listen
    c. L.I.S. – Day Stopper listen
    d. Drumagick – Circulacao listen
    e. Castor feat. Victoria – Silent City listen
    f. Andy Skopes & Madcap – These Sounds listen
    TOV81 Drumagick – Brazuca Do Mal / Fiesta [Trouble On Vinyl] A B
    3DMODELTD03 DJ Devize & Three A / Muffler – Workin’ Girl (Devize remix) / Evil Spirit [3D Mode] A B
    CITRUS024 Black Sun Empire / Mindscape vs Jade – Space Bunny / Unpleasant [Citrus] A B
    CUZ010 Rhythm Beater – Double Figures EP [Cutterz Choice]
    a. Rhythm Beater & T1 – Astral Dub listen
    b. Rhythm Beater – Hold You Down listen
    c. Benny Page – Sneaker Pimp (Rhythm Beater remix) listen
    d. Rhythm Beater – Crawling listen
    XA004 Keaton & Hive / Loxy – Retreat / A Quest For Hope [Xtinction Agenda] A B
    ZOMBIEUK010 Surge / Zen & Psyche – Telepathy (Twisted Individual remix) / Dub Specialist (Heist remix) [Zombie] A B
    2FX002 Portal – Keep It Coming / Ain’t Nobody [2FX] A B
    21KOHM various – Disciples of the Unreal EP [OHM Resistance]
    a. Counterstrike – Revelation listen
    b. Identity – No More Pain Only Pleasure listen
    c. Corrupt Souls – Symptom listen
    d. Lethal & Khanage – Misbegotten Souls listen
    BRUK002 Holdtight / Scheme & Mark Frequency feat. Lomax – Gemini / Now [Bounce] A B
    INV011 The Invaderz – Simple Beauty / Mainline [Invaderz] A B
    PROPO013 Taxman / Generation Dub – Snowman / Atlantic [Propoganda] A B
    ROUND001 Soundclash – Raggamuffin / Crying Out [Dirty Dubs] A B
    TT004 Shapeshifter NZ – Bring Change (Original Mix) / (The Upbeats remix) [Truetone] A B
    FREAK022 various – The Priest & The Beast EP [Freak]
    a. Corrupt Souls – Wounds n Plaster listen
    b. Raiden feat. GG Allin – I Hate You Motherf**kers listen
    c. Raiden & Corrupt Souls – Sage and Sour listen
    d. Raiden – Medusa listen
    VBZ034 Unknown Factor – The Unknown Factor EP [Vibez]
    a. Rise Up listen
    b. Odds Meets Evens listen
    c. Top Ranking A
    d. Someday (feat. Gabby) A


    VRECSUK013 Roni Size / DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz remix) / It’s A Big Up Thang (Utah Jazz remix) [V Recordings] A B
    EXITVS003 D-Bridge – Nothing Is True (vs D Kay) / Odessa (vs Artificial Intelligence) [Exit] A B
    RHC01 Infinite / Usual Suspects – Beachball / Therapy [Renegade Hardware] A B
    BINGO046 Total Science – Millenium Lady / Straight In [Bingo] A B
    CIA032 State Of Mind – Paint The Walls Black / Change Your World [C.I.A.] A B
    GRIDUK013 Twisted Individual – Hand Grenade (Clipz remix) / (Original Mix) [Grid] A B
    RH77 various – The Vendetta EP [Renegade Hardware]
    a. Nphect – Slith listen
    b. System Noise – Unto Jah listen
    c. EBK – Soma listen
    d. The Riot – Crowd Control listen
    e. Gremlinz – The Thorn listen
    f. Tetradin – Brainwave Assassin listen
    BAR18 Donny / TZA – Battle of the Continents: The Forgotten / Hunker Down [Barcode] A B
    AVA008 Limewax – ½ LB / The Way The Future [Avalance] A B
    FILM016 Basic Operations – Great Break Away / Garutina [Sound-Trax] A B
    DTEK001 Atom & Cell vs Catacomb – Pressure (Noisia remix) / Sadist [Darkitek] A B
    CITRUS023 J Cut & Subzz / J Cut & Matik – U Around / Parasites [Citrus] A B
    DSCI4EP007PT1 Pacific – Modern Age / Omnipresense [DSCI4] A B
    BOOTIE001 Maglor vs Sizzla / Maglor vs Eamon – Stabbed In The Back / F**k You [Bootie] A B
    CONGONATTY010 Rebel MC & Top Cat – Herbsman (Part 1 / Part 2) [Congo Natty] A B
    PROPO012 Jaydan – Your Move / Get On (feat. Sam) [Propoganda] A B
    SATIVA_EASYPIC YT – England’s Story (Phantasy & Shodan Full Vox Mix) / (Dub Mix) [Sativa Easy] A B
    XS004 Soundclash / Pacific & Dabbler – Bang Bang / Jamrock [XS] A B