Ez people,

NX001 the first release on Ennex is finally out in all good record shops!!!!! :antitank:

Distributed by Nu-Urban your gonna be seeing plenty of choons flying out from the Ennex camp in the future!!!

We will also be doing a Launch Party sumtime in December!!
This will be a showcase of great new artists and DJ's, along with one or two absolute Legends!! Watch this space!!

Check out www.ennexrecords.co.uk to listen to the choons

Our first release features the Debut of Ennex Rec Boss 'Nexus' and 'Abominus' with Hugely contrasting styles, this is a clear example of how Ennex aims to rep for the FULL SPECTRUM of DnB!!

NX002 is the widely aticipated debut of dnba production forum main man Technicolour, and features the 1Xtra cutting room comp winning track 'Everything is Everything' along with the dancefloor killer 'Jupiter' thats currently doing the rounds, this should be floating arround end of November time on Promo!!

Ennex Records is a label that will be focussing strictly on NEW ARTISTS!!!
We want to get fresh talent out there, all styles!! Liquid, Lively Stuff and
pure Evil Daaaarkness!!!!!

We are looking for new artists! So if you reckon youve got a little gem sitting on ya HD get in touch!! info@ennexrecords.co.uk or AIM 'robennex'

If your sending on AIM please just send the tune and wait for us to get back to you, as soo many people are hitting us up it's impossible to chat with everyone. Please also ensure contact details are in the filename as well

Cheers ;)