Drum & Bass Out Monday on Urban Veteran Recordings

Out Monday on Urban Veteran Recordings

Incomes the 3rd release of the mighty Urban Veteran Recordings, presenting 2 killa tracks from producer Noshad Defiance featuring the vocal skills of the mighty MC Storming and Linden D!

Noshad Defiance ft MC Stormin – Don’t Play with Me
With deep pounding sub bass and sharp militant beats, Noshad Defiance delivers a big bashy dancefloor destroyer! Presenting an array of distorted synthesis, gritty reece bass and growling effects, the stage is set for one of the biggest MC’s in the scene at the moment, MC Stormin. Don’t Play with Me, is pure upfront drum and bass heading to a dancefloor near you!

Noshad Defiance ft Linden D – Bustin
Using his unique formula, Noshad Defiance goes for all out destruction with big beats, angry synthesis and cleverly layered amen breaks. The lead hook is as about as underground as it gets, and is a sure fire sound to draw out the screw face in any raver. Complimented by the vocal skills of a highly talented MC, Linden D touches down once more on Urban Veteran Recordings!

Presenting a raw taste of the underground, Urban Veteran Recordings go all out with their 3rd release which touches down on 5th March 2012!

A: Noshad Defiance ft MC Storming – Don’t Play with Me
AA: Noshad Defiance ft Linden D – Bustin

Cat No: UVR003


Sam.UrbanVeteran Records
Big Big tunes coming from Urban Veteran Records. To Grab your downloads to both of these huge tracks check the link provided!!!!!


As well as this release we have also brought you two previous E.Ps which include "Animal" that features two drum and bass tracks from Illtaktix and also two from Noshad Defiance with MC Linden Laying down some vocals on "Urban Veteran". This one is for all the original drum and bass heads!!!!


The other E.P "Seige" brings you two dubstep tracks from Oddboy and also two dubstep tracks from Noshad Defiance. These tracks will definitely get your skanking shoes on!!!!


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