Organix - April 2012 mix


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Aug 25, 2009
Not quite April yet i know - but was keen to get this one out. As always - bit of everything chucked in... enjoy! :)

Lynx ft. Ciah - Wonder
Icicle - Time
Martsman - Aeiko
Digital - Blood Money (Amit & Outrange remix)
Sub Focus - Strobe
B Cloud - Going Deeper
Dub Phizix - Out There
Enei - Obsession (ft. DRS)
Spectrasoul - Suppression
Oliver Ferrer & Giorgiolive - Seduction
DuoScience & MsDos - Disco
Oliver Ferrer & DJ Koiti - Rocky
Marcus Intalex & SPY - Paulista Dub
Lynx (ft. Deeizm & Fats) - All For You
Klute - We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive remix)
Randomer - Down In The Woods
Noisia & Phace - Micro Organism
Icicle - Nausea
Anile & Dakosa - Ecstasy Dub​

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Just finished listening to this... really good mix! Was nice to hear some tunes that I'd never heard before. I really liked the mixes with obsession, I don't know if you did it on purpose or not but having no bass after the second drop of out there while obsession came in actually sounded pretty good! Gave obsession more of an impact when it dropped
Nice one - thanks for the feedback!

Yes that was on purpose ;) - decided it sounded much better than the two double dropped together

Got your mix on the download for the car tommorow, cheers mate!
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