Optiv & BTK - Jacknife b/w Menace Part 2 (Demand Records)


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Nov 24, 2010
Hey Guys!

Bern based Optiv & BTK return to Swiss label Demand Record and deliver two slices of funk:


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Surus: http://bit.ly/GIPNui
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D&BA: http://bit.ly/HMVOsE
Juno: http://bit.ly/Hzjllf
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Digital Tunes: http://bit.ly/H87YPw

Demand Records aren't shy when it comes to releasing bold Drum & Bass statements, and their latest offering from Bern-based Brazillian BTK, and Englishman Optiv is no exception.
A side "Jacknife" proves that demand are the underground D&B scene's label of choice once again, with a stepper storm of tesla coil bass and malevolence. This tune was made to shake dancefloors off the Richter scale - expect carnage.

"Menace Part 2" is a straight-up evil roller, building tension with attention - grabbing drums and eventually erupting into a no-nonsense destroyer any self-respecting clubber would go nuts for.

With contrast between intricate drums and relentless pneumatic pressure, Optiv & BTK don't give you a choice - you have to move. With DJ support from the likes of Bailey, Anile, Calyx, Chris SU, Klute, The Upbeats, TeeBee and more, there'll be no hiding from this release. Build yourself a bunker and get ready for the storm.
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