Optimus Prime - So Good / Amen Slag (inflicted)


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Jan 30, 2002
You should all know this one!
The title pulled me in first of all, but knowing it was twisted Individual made sure I bought it. Obviously a big tune cos my it sold out in mid order twice when I tried to pick it up.
The A side goes for a nice light intro and typical beats with a much deeper and more subtle 808 bassline with some nice mid stabs to give it an edge.
The B Side is where all hell breaks loose. Starts off with a beautiful soothing rhodes tune, beats drop in then it suddenly goes amen! lots of crafty beatwork, chopping, pitching, and EQing it to keep it manic. The bass starts off nice and deep and stabbing before some mental reece style drones fly in over the top.
You MUST buy this!
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