Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 10 [DnB across the spectrum]

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
EZ all, I've just launched the latest mix in our series so I thought I'd put it up here. Also anyone on here who wants to be included in some of these future mixes, let me know on a message or something. Need to get some of you lot in these. Anyway Enjoy. Standard Soundcloud bla bla below.

We're bursting back in the scene again with another brand new installment of the Dub Cutz Drum & Bass podcast mix series. Volume 10 has a slightly different format this time as we take it a little more radio-esque, introducing some dialogue. We'd always enjoyed the pure instrumental experience but feel that we can get a bit closer to the listeners with this new approach.

Music wise, the mix is jam packed again using our classic Drum & Bass progression formula, warming up a bit on the vocal and uplifting liquid slightly commercial end, smoothly mixing into a darker, techier and more aggressive selection, before ending with some relaxing liquid funk vibes. This month also introduces a brand new one from ourselves under the name Bassline Addict ft. Jason X, and marks his first official track with us too. Expect a heavier steppier and darker vibe from that one. Also in the mix is another brand new one from Kyrad who's now appeared for the third time and continually bringing out new and interesting music to the DnB scene. This time he goes a little on the commercial end with some nice bright moving synthy riffs and a catchy female vocal hook,"Kyrad - Blinded By". Also R-Monix is back with an exclusive freebie he sent us in the form of a bootleg "R-Monix DnB Bootleg of Way Out West, Don't Forget Me", taking the opposite end of the mix session with a liquid funk banger.


1. Sixblade - A.M.C. - Strangers (Viper)
2. Kyrad - Blinded By (Unreleased Exclusive)
3. Sixblade - Punks
4. Chris SU - Illusion of Choice MC Fedora & Stamina (Fate Recordings) IOC EP
5. Krakota - Everything Changes (Hospital)
6. Blade Runner - I Need You (Life Recordings)
7. Chris SU & Spinline - Stereotype (Fate Recordings) Illusion of Choice EP
8. Incognito - Get in Line (May - Proximity)
9. Friction & Fourward - Battle Scars (ft. Jakes) Shotgun Audio
10. Dark Soul - Scary House [Scary House EP] Disturbed Recordings
11. Audio - Stampede [Ram Records]
12. Optimal Prime - Bassline Addict ft. Jason X [Unreleased]
13. Dose - Nowadays [Mind The Future LP Album]
14. Crimson - Wait Until Infinity [Cymbalism Recordings]
15. Ramzoid - Imperial [Caliber Music]
16. L 33 - Detuned [Program]
17. Friction & Total Science - Scatter [Shogun Audio]
18. Dose - Soul Food [Mind The Future LP Album]
19. Phil Tangent - Clouded Judgement [Integral]
20. Flame - Heartless [Celcius]
21. Lenzman - Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix) [Integral]
22. Lenzman - Lazy Dub [Metal Headz]
23. R-Monix DnB Bootleg of Way out West - Don't Forget Me [Free Download]
24. Midnight Request - The Drum & Bass Addict [Celcius]

Length: 72:54 Size: 166MB DR: 320kbps

Big ups to all who have supported our mixes so far.
Until Next Time Enjoy for now.​

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
It's been up for a couple of weeks now and is currently at the half way stage, so I thought I'd do a lil' cheeky one off bump.