DnB One Direction- Gotta Be You (W3st Jump-up Remix) [WIP]

It needs more treble - don't get me wrong, that snare drum is thumpy, it's just lacking some "snap" - on the bright side you'll be able to turn it way down and free up some headroom. Sounds overcompressed but the low freq release is so long I don't know what to think. Hats are almost inaudible.

All in all it's great, the drums are the problem, as usual.

- J.P.
That my friend is actually pretty sweet!

Totally agree with Lucider, don't want to sound rude, but that snare is pretty weak ! Easily fixable of course :)

Apart from the snare it is pretty good mate, nice one :)
Lucider, thanks yeah i noticed that after i gave my poor ears a rest, i compressed and distorted my snare so much it almost sounded like a kick o_O. ended up tweaking that a bit today, and raised the vol on my hats. Even threw on some maximizer but now i cant tell if its hurting or helping... my poor poor ears haha.

well thanks for the input guys i appreciate it. keep it real

Cheers, W3st
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