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    Oct 28, 2009
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    Hey People!
    this is my
    oldskooljungle mixtape pt 13 with
    rare tunes from formation records
    labelo blanco , 4star ,nyjungle ep (smile) ,
    liquid wax & reinforced from the years 93-95..

    hope you all enjoy.. & feedback well appriciated!

    1.soul slinger - jungle bossa nova
    2.code k - i dream
    3.dog boy & the d - warriors theme
    4.darkenator - the warning
    5.jason jinx - gonna be
    6.drumandbass-katch a beat down
    7.princess of the posse -follow me no massive
    8.ratty - bouncing
    9.princess of the posse - armed and dangerous
    10.international rude boyz - area 39
    11.princess of the posse - do the right ting
    12.deadly d - oh yeah
    13.tango- project 1 remix
    14.tek 9 - rude bwoy run tings
    15.4th demension - oblivion
    16.tek 9 - dont leave me this way
    17.tekniq - a new dawn
    18.tek 9 - you got to slow down (the re run)
    19.wht label
    20.dj phantasy - come on boy
    21.wht label
    22.kid twist - music is da weapon

    320 kbps 1.14h