old liquid 320 giveaway pretty minimal done a year ago!


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Mar 24, 2002
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I like this one much better than the other one you posted, the one with the darker vibe. Although you can clearly see the relation with the two, coming out of the same head and all. Same synth doing the bass?

Both tunes have a very loud bass, I'm not sure how it would come out of a big system. May be a bit overpowering if it ever comes to that. But I like your style will have to keep an eye out.

Sammy Dexcell

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Oct 15, 2004
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if i was proud of it i would, but its been a year of learning, and i feel im capable of much more.

an yea i had a real problem bak then wiv makin my sub bass too loud for the tunes, i have learnt since then lol. im workin on summin at the min hopefully ill hav a clip before i go bak to uk (wed)
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