OLCYRUS - You Might Like This

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    ....... or you might not. lol ;)

    :wave: Halftime, Amen, Drumfunk, Kj Sawka ish, Old School Jungle (150-ish bpm) it's all here. Thats the best way I can describe the mix, its jungle music. I hope you enjoy \m/

    A little amen, a little halftime, a little Venetian Snares, its all good. :)

    Seriously though, use headphones or be in a room with good subs. The mix is bass heavy and computer monitors won't reproduce the songs as they were intended to be heard.

    I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening



    [SC1]http://soundcloud.com/olcyrus/olcyrus-you-might-like-this">OLCYRUS - You Might Like This[/SC1]

    Tracklisting -
    1-Cold Front -- St. Files
    2-Protest -- Ultracode
    3-Spices of India -- Cavernous Space
    4-Dynamics -- Solar Empire
    5-My Friends GF -- Cavernous Space
    6-Lost Feelings -- Parallel
    7-I.K. -- Cavernous Space
    8-The Tenth Planet -- Cavernous Space
    9-Darknight -- Trackscan
    10-Time to Break it -- Eddie Voyager
    11-Champion Soundz -- Bennie D
    12-Jamrock refix . Murder -- Kubyk
    13-Koonut.Kaliffee -- Venetian Snares
    14-In For The Kill -- La Roux - Skream's re-edit remixed by High Contrast