Offshore Presents Buried Treasure Vol 1


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Offshore is proud to present it's first album, Buried Treasure.
In the form of 10 unmixed, exclusive and unreleased tracks, this CD is sure
to please current fans and cultivate new ones.

To sweeten the deal, Offshore's aesthetic mastermind, CEDE, created an
actual "Buried Treasure" comic strip featured on the CD insert and stars the
ever popular mascot, Bing. All of the favorites are here, so take a musical
journey through 10 tracks that help further define the Offshore sound and
carve out a new future with the addition of a new format to the catalog.

01 ASC "Fragments"
Written and produced by James Clements. ASC wrote this with Offshore in
mind. Those are always the tracks that we love!

02 Graphic "Stop Motion"
Written and produced by David O'Brien. Graphic's original beat for his
project with Beans. Beans wrote lyrics for it, but they didn't mesh nearly
as well as "I Am Metal".

03 ASC "Fotophresh (Cloak & Dagger Rmx)"
Written and produced by James Clements. Additional production and remix by
Evan Gach. ASC remixed a Cloak & Dagger tune, so Cloak & Dagger came up with
the 'combine and remix' idea for two of ASC's great Offshore tracks,
"Photosphere" and "Fresh".

04 Graphic & Slide "Crash Kit"
Written and produced by David O' Brien and Seth Orgain. Graphic and Slide
watched this track get added to and removed from the release schedule
numerous times. We can't let them go through that again.

05 Raychem "Time for What?"
Written and produced by Jón Berg Jóhannesson. Raychem constantly sends us
great music. We finally decided to showcase it.

06 Martsman "Marksman"
Written and produced by Martin Heinze. Martsman captured Offshore's
attention with this track. We planned a 12" backed with "Ago", but that
appeared on the second split with Commercial Suicide.

07 Intex Systems "Aural Void (ICR Rmx)"
Written and produced by James Clements. Additional production and remix by
Zoltan Gal. ICR remixed this "Troubled Waters" exclusive after ASC's remix
of "Change Inside" appeared on OSR011. We can't keep it to ourselves any

08 Resound "Something"
Written and produced by Ilpo Karkkainen. Resound brought us this piece as
the B-Side to OSR011. In the end, it did not appear on that release.

09 Fanu "Defunct Drums' Depression Decade VIP"
Written and produced by Janne Hatula. Fanu gives his Offshore debut the VIP
treatment. We don't have another 10" series though.

10 Sileni "Twitchy Droid Leg VIP"
Written and produced by Chris Leamy. Sileni's VIP of his seminal track. As
the fifth rework in total, this marks the final chapter.

Released May 7, 2007 in the UK and June 4, 2007 in the US.
Available digitally right now from
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