Offkey Recordings - Digital Downloads!!!

Well its finally happened we have digital downloads available to purchase!!!! ......Well from Friday 14th September TOMORROW!!!!

We have joined forces with TuneTribe, to bring you our previous releases from OK001 - OK007 available as lovely 320KBPS MP3 files. So for all you people out there who are either CD DJs or just armchair listeners of our sound, you no longer have to be disappointed with our release only being on vinyl, as they are now available on digital format. We will be updating it with current releases and adding them a few weeks after the official vinyl release.

But for the time being you can grab:

OK001 - Raiden/Propaganda - Machine Soul & Ratchet
OK002 - Raiden/Propaganda - Chernobyl 4 & Point Of Contact
OK003 - Propaganda - The Real & Axis and Allies
OK004 - The Panacea - Carborundum & Calcifer
OK005 - The Sect EP - Caesium 137, Kill All Humans, Nerve Attack & Zeroid
OK006 - Lethal & Khanage - Murkage & Jawbreaker
OK007 - The Apocrypha EP - Proket - Show Me, Guta, Skafandr & Kaskad

OK008 - Temper D - Minimal Blink & Sunrise at Sonar (Forthcoming in the next few weeks)

Also look out in the coming weeks for VIP's, Remixes and Exclusives that will only be available on digital format, to give you an idea:

Propaganda - The Real VIP
The Panacea - Carborundum VIP

All these will be available at SO ENJOY!!!!

And Remember: Temper D MP3's are available now from: Temper D Productions