Offers inexpensive services for Partiers & Event’s in LA

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    Hello everyone,

    Tell us where you want to go out,
    Tell us what you want when you get there,
    Save money while you are partying...

    There is a night club that provides Bottle service in very cheap rates.

    Velvet also offers the service for line-bypassing VIP entry, and although it's currently just available in Hollywood, major expansion is imminent. The service is also available right up until the last minute, since sometimes your "big night out" means "just found out my appliances are getting repossessed, wanna go on a bender?"

    Velvet Nightlife Night Club
    a division of Velvet Crossing Marketing LLC
    8275 S. Eastern Avenue #200
    Las Vegas, NV 89123
    Phone 702-952-3942
    Fax 702-987-5113