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Jul 18, 2006
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This Way Up Artist Agency - Nymfo Update 10/12/2008


Nymfo has just landed back in the EU, returning from a phenomenal tour of New Zealand and Australia, remarkably quoted as ‘one of the best international acts ever to reach down under’ with hugely successful shows and making a big impression on the local communities.

2008 has been a big year for Nymfo, following on from 2007 which saw him win ‘Best Dutch Drum and Bass DJ’ for the second time, and his first collaborations with Icicle breaking him into the world scene.

2008 has seen him feature on a number of colossal releases, collaborating with Icicle on the immense ‘Franky Mountain’ on ‘Andy C’s’, ‘Ram Records’ and building on their success with ‘Adrift’ & ‘Green Goblin’ on ‘Crunch Recordings’.
Continually expanding his knowledge for production, collaborations with Proxima saw a big 12” on ‘Frequency Recordings’ with ‘Headless Housefly’ and ‘Knock Knock’ then ‘Boiler Room’ on ‘Crunch Recordings’ as well as ‘Indemnity’ Nymfos first solo release on the same label.

Having received a fantastic foundation working with Icicle and Proxima, Nymfo has been working hard with his solo material; going on to release on the highly admired ‘Critical Records’ with the exciting ‘Cybernetic Disorder’.
Showing no sign of slowing down, Nymfo has a number of solo releases forthcoming in 2009, dropping on some of the scenes leading labels including ‘Total Science’s’, ‘C.I.A. Recordings’, ‘Horizon Music’ & ‘Critical Recordings’.

Forth coming releases:

Nymfo - Locution - Critical Recordings
Nymfo - Follow The Signs - Vampire Records
Nymfo - Paperboy - Diablo
Nymfo - Common Gateway - InnerActive Music
Nymfo - Ghost Story - C.I.A. Recordings
Nymfo - Lethal Enforcer - Horizons Music
Proxima + Nymfo - Secret Lab - InnerActive Music

Now safely back in Europe Nymfo’s looking forward to bringing his DJ sound back to the EU.

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This Way Up Artist Agency - Insideinfo Update 10/12/2008


Having spent the last two years locked in the studio; ‘Insideinfo’ kick started his prolific releases with ‘Concentrate’ and ‘Rumble On Signal’ on DJ Hypes ‘Ganja-Tek’ imprint, then in 2007 ‘Terrafunk’ released the huge ‘The Argonauts’ followed up with the immensely popular ‘Clash’ and ‘Megadrive one’ on ‘Ruse Records’, ‘Insideinfo’ continued his run of unique sounds with ‘Caffeine’ and ‘Perfect Crime’, favorites with many artists around the world, then building from his experiences, his flow and unique style saw the acclaimed ‘Skyhook’ drop on ‘Breed 12 Inches’ sending shock waves around the globe.

2008 saw ‘Insideinfo’ left in high demand, securing releases on ‘Futurebounds’, ‘Viper Records’ with the massive ‘Sneaker’ and ‘I'll Call You’ and his incredible release on ‘Horizon Music’s’ imprint ‘The Verge’.

Insideinfo then went on to sign a number of high quality and anticipated tracks on the seminal ‘Critical Records’ featuring ‘Bog’, ‘Clover’, ‘Delinquent’ and ‘Sound Is Golden’ branching out showing his diversity as an artist.

Now, with a number of releases under his belt, 2009 see’s Insideinfo taking to the decks opening his DJ schedule for bookings, with a number of recent guest appearances on Breakbeat.co.uk’s DNBTV and a Dogsonacids exclusive mix he’s ready to get back on the road and bring you the music you love to the live stage.

Forthcoming Releases:

Insideinfo - Sound was Golden - Critical Recordings [Due Start of Dec 08]
Insideinfo – Delinquent - Critical Recordings [Due Start of Dec 08]
Insideinfo – Clover - Critical Recordings [Due Start of Dec 08]
Cyantific & Kasras – Outlerlimits (Insideinfo Remix) - Critical Recordings

This Way Up Artist Agency:
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