Nos - Groove me (east side)


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Jan 30, 2002
This track has a real good mix of soulful (but maybe a bit too cheesy for some) vocals and some real heavy digital & spirit style rolling amens and sub bass.
It has a bit of a disco feel but is heavy enough so that I like it.
The flip is a much more eerie stepping track with spooky atmospherics but a very acoustic vibe, bringing me back to Nos's old Hidden Agenda days.
This isn't a tearout track but it can add some real spice to more funky sets for its hard beats
def feelin these two tracks. The B-side is my favorite. I was gonna get the promo of Breaks Sticky Situation until I erd this, and it pretty much seems like a more subtle, classy version of that track (or the east side sound in general). The A side is straight as well, and I rather like the campy 'Grooove meh!" sample. an interesting blend of recent soulfulness and ardcore rollin that I quite like :)
It seems East side are on fire right now!!!
The album and recent EPs have been wicked and so has every 12 inch.
Originally posted by solitude
I nominated the East Side Jams LP for best LP of 2002(on various forums), but no one took heed.

that LP was amazing; unfortunately i found most of the tracks very very hard to use
really? Hard to use?
thats odd, as East Side stuff always seems like its made to be mixed imo.
hmm, guess I'm just an awesome DJ then :D (jk)
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