Noisia set from Glade


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this sounds a lot better than it did on the day.. wanst really loving their set except for a few tracks.... maybe it was the sound or the ket and 2CB and lack of sleep and that stopped me getting into it... although it did get a bit glitchy on the glade system

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00:00 Hadouken - Crank It Up! (Noisia Remix) [SURFACE NOISE]
02:05 Chase & Status - Eastern Jam [RAM]
03:25 Noisia - Split The Atom (Instrumental Mix) [DIVISION]
06:36 Noisia - Seven Stitches [DIVISION]
11:24 Noisia - Yellow Brick [DIVISION]
14:06 Mr Oizo - Flat Beat [F COMMUNICATIONS]
15:10 Noisia - Brown Time [DIVISION]
20:20 Spor aka Feed Me - Mordez Moi [DIVISION]
22:31 Apex - Same Old Blues [LIFTED MUSIC]
23:48 Noisia - Block Control [MOVING SHADOW]
26:25 Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]
28:31 Isotone - Trip [OBSESSIONS]
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I agree, it sounds much better than it did live, but again lack of sleep and too much chang probably altered it 4 me! lol!
2CB and 2CI are getting hella' popular lately, couldn't get hold of the stuff a year ago...

I'm well gutted, I fucked off for the first part of Noisia's set 'cause I wasn't really feeling the breaks stuff, but now I realised I missed Block Control... And what the fuck??? They played Flat Beat!!? God dammit, should have just grin and bared it. :-x

That's not the whole set though is it? I caught the last half... Sure they played Diplodocus and the Facade VIP...:-/

As for sound levels, Glade is possibly the worst festival for sound levels, they got a lot of complaints in the first few years and ever since have been trying to sort it so no one complains, but after about 9, the sound's fucking terrible, I remember the year before last watching Venetian Snares and being able to hear some one next to me chatting to their mate better than I could hear Snares... And as for the license running out at 8 on Sunday evening, what the fuck's that all about!? Pretty funny though, my mates run a stall called Granny's Gaff and they managed to get banned from Glade for playing a silent movie after the 8'o'clock switch off... :confused: