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    DECEMBER 2007 -> JANUARY 2008

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    December 2007 -> January 2008

    *1st TIME EVER IN THE U.S*
    (London, UK)

    Most of us first heard Remarc when darkside anthem Ricky was released back in '93. He went on to produce some of the most rinsingest jungle imaginable by becoming the ultimate don of the Amen break. His releases on Suburban Base, Kemet, Street Tuff, Dollar and White House are all sought after classics and now that drum'n'bass has turned into 2-step, clown-step or whatever, and all you young'uns think that Squarepusher invented the Amen break mash-up, that's why we've re-released them on the Sound Murderer album. Stop press! We got part 2 - the Unreleased Dubs 94-96 - still rinsing, just not classics.


    With tracks appearing on over 111 releases worldwide there is no questioning. If you have not heard of Remarc, its time to open your ears to the founding father of the amen sound. For those familiar with the legend, this tour marks the FIRST US APPEARANCE EVER! Nothing more needs to be said other then make sure you find your way to one of the many shows booked through December 2007 and January 2008, it may very well be your ONLY opportunity to ever see REMARC the sound murder perform live!

    aka BBOY3000 (LA, USA)
    [N20 | Tribe Records | Bootshake records]


    Representing underground jungle vibez for the streets, with over 35 domestic
    Drum n Bass/Hardcore vinyl releases on labels such as:
    Mictlan, VoidAudio Experiments, Herbn, Thermal, N2O, Destruct, Rid'Em, Priority, Warner Bros., Sound Sphere, ARC, Phunked Up, Crime Scene, Vortex, & Judgement.
    There is no question of R.A.W aka BBOY3000’s talent and devotion.

    The First DJ in the U.S. to win a DJ battle spinning solely drum n bass
    (West L.A. Music Battle) judged by DJ QUIK!

    He’s traveled the world to provide the soundtrack for countless nights:
    Amsterdam, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Philly, Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, Tampa, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Big Badd Long Beach,
    Hawaii, Mexico, Chicago, Boston, and Fargo! …Just to name a few!

    (NY, USA)
    [konkrete jungle nyc]

    a self taught DJ/Producer, may be new to you but he’s not new to the scene. Deos was exposed to hip hop at an early age and that served as a soundtrack for his life, that was until 1999 when he was first introduced to jungle. He immediately fell in love with the sound and did all he could to surround himself with the music. In a scene dominated by the mechanical growling sounds of tech-step he yearned for something more groovy and funky. It was then he came across a producer by the name of Remarc, and realized his true passion, RAGGA JUNGLE. The freeform drums, earthy rhythms and soulful vocals was exactly what he was looking for. Since then, he has focused on bringing it back to the earlier style of jungle.

    Deos' selection of old school ragga classics and his throw back style of producing have gained him notoriety as one of NYC jungle's freshest newcomers. His remix of damien marleys "welcome to jamrock" is still making the rounds in the hands of Konkrete Jungle favorites Human? and Syrius Black. Don’t sleep on this new school ragga dj, hes bringing it back and pushing the sounds of the early days of jungle.

    Previously repping for UnderStandInc and currently a resident of KONKRETE JUNGLE in NYC.

    Booking for the tour hosted by:
    (NY, USA)

    Music lover and Entertainer: Mike Katz / DJ Vertx was turned onto the party circuit while it was in its largest movement - the late nineties. He first started organizing and hosting rave-themed events in mid 2001, starting off with a fully versatile line up, and eventually focused his interest and time on more particular styles, splitting his love of music between two separate themes. One being the ever-growing Drum-n-Bass and Heavy-Jungle oriented genres with their addictive rolling baselines, anthems, and dark fast paced styles. The second and more commonly played tunes contain a full collection of all forms of Hip-Hop spiced with some Dance-Hall and Reggae. Vertx gradually found himself often manipulating all of the above forms of music together and taught himself how to read a crowd in order to build a vibe that left people always wanting to come back and hear more. Through much admiration and respect for the scene and those in it Vertx continues hosting and playing events on a regular basis, focusing not only on the New York Metro areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, but is currently touring the country sponsored by Captain Morgan liquor.

    Previously featured on (now defunct), the founder of UNDERSTANDINC (NYC) NO DRAMA STATESIDE and NO DRAMA WORLDWIDE as well as 1LEVELUP Marketing, Vertx has been sponsored by along with SOBE ADRENALINE energy drinks and most currently Captain Morgan’s.


    For inquiries please contact:

    - Mike | Vertx
    UnderStandInc NYC