Nicky Blackmarket @ Incision (27/9/02)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Incision @ The Corn Hall, Cirencester. 27/9/2002.

Still recovering from the unbelievable success of their joint venture with Ransom back in June, Incision return to the Corn Hall with a renewed energy! This time, heating up the wheels of steel was London's Nicky Blackmarket.
A late arrival meant I got there half way through Nu Urban Music's Terra & Illusion's set, unfortunately missing Incision residents De-Ad and Terminal. However, opening the doors to be greeted with Dillinja's huge 'Ruff Neck Sound' remix, I knew the standard of the night had been set! Plenty of dubs kept the trainspotters happy, while anthems like the 'Up All Night' remix and 'Twist em Out' kept the dancefloor bubblin. Sinner-G was the man with the mic controls, and judging by the constant outstretched arms to shake his hand, he did his job with class!
Next up, Incision resident Dj Poison took over the reigns and opening with the massive 'Start the Fire' and straight away mixing into Twisted's 'Crap Rinse Out', the audience were loving it!!! By this time, Mc Juggla had arrived and was keeping up nicely with the pace set by Sinner-G. As always with Poison, his set was about the dubs, dubs and more dubs! 'Torpedoes', '3am', 'Snowcats' and the gnawing 'Fraggle Rock' had everyone shouting for the rewind, but thankfully not all Dj's are so generous with rewinds as some of the big eads seem to be these days! Soon enough, it was time for his last one, and as the plate was left spinning, Nicky took his place behind the Dj stand.
Starting off with some new bit, Nicky proceeded to tear up the dancefloor in his own cheeky little way. And yes, he did play all the obvious tunes - 'Police in Helicoptor', 'Chopper', 'Original Nuttah' (unbelievably, hes STILL doing that Nuttah/Chopper mix!) - but he also played some filthy new bits fresh from the press, such as Zinc's marvellous '3 Note' or the punishing subs of Dillinja's 'Live or Die'. All too soon however, it had to come to an end, and as the last tune faded out, the hundreds piled out of the Corn Hall into the freezing night air! Next Incision - 8th November (Cause 4 Concern). Shouts to everyone I was gibbering to on the night - Joe Aggro, Viper, Kontagious & Access, J Roll, Sinner-G, Terminal & De-Ad and everyone else I forgot!
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