::NEWBOMB - SEBA, BEN SAGE, WIZARD tours + releases and more::


After 3 years of dedicating his time to promoting local events in Toronto under Gamma Ray Productions, Wizard was once again excited by the diversity of the sounds in drum'n'bass and decided to bring his label back on the international market. After a long hiatus, Gamma Ray returns in a whole new form.

Welcome Gamma Ray Entertainment. The company will continue to concentrate on promoting events under Gamma Ray Productions, release innovative music under Gamma Ray Records and organize tours for the likeminded artists under Gamma Ray Bookings.


Gamma Ray Records:

[--------------------new vinyl releases-----------------]:

GRR004 - out in May via Nu Urban Music, UK
a.Gremlinz & Stranjah - 8th Spirit [clip]
b.Gremlinz - Spacerap [clip]

Long time friends and Toronto locals have blown up worldwide over the past year. They have the support of many top dog DJ's such as Goldie, Doc Scott, Ink, Loxy, Flight, Skitty, Seba, Phobia, Rohan, Chase, Status and more. This is a dip into the deeper musical world for this duo as they deliver two lush tracks, juxtaposing the depth and the weight in a true Gamma Ray fashion.

GRR005 - out in June via Nu Urban Music, UK
a. ASC - Snowstorm [clip]
b. ASC - Starbeams[clip]

A long time friend and a partner of Gamma Ray and also the most underrated producer in drum'n'bass today comes through in his typical futurist fashion. Without ignoring the label's vision of mixing the hard and the smooth, ASC manages to write a timeless track in Snowstorm backed with a detroit techno laced Starbeams. Guaranteed shelf life = eternity.

[-------------------new MP3 releases------------------]:

In an attempt to stay in synch with today's market demands, Gamma Ray presents two brand new MP3 only releases via Strictly Digital. With the vinyl market experiencing tough times, we offer a different medium for those who collect music and play with CDJ's. It would be ideal to release all the music we like on vinyl but the current situation does not present such opportunity. MP3 releases also open up a whole new world for the music collectors value more experimental music. Without further ado:

GRRDIG001 - out May 15th via Strictly-Digital.COM

Orion - "Sweet Sorrow EP"

a. Sweet Sorrow (feat. Jadis) [clip]
b. A New Dawn [clip]
c. Placid [clip]
d. Slanked [clip]

Gamma Ray's original artist Orion returns to the label with an astounding 4 track EP. Our label was John's first vinyl home and also becomes his first MP3 home. While concentrating on his downtempo and live band project with partner Jadis, Orion still shows that he's one of the top musical drum'n'bass producers with every track on this EP. He justifies his cause one more time after works on top labels such as Subtitles, Good Looking, Breakbeat Science, Purified Audio, Nu Directions and Fokuz.

GRRDIG002 - Out May 15th via Strictly-Digital.COM
a.ASC - Alternate Source [clip]
b.ASC - Terminal 2 [clip]

More ASC but who can blame us? You know how they say quality not quantity? This guy is a quality-quantity machine. Alternate Source is a hetic, synth driven vocal stormer and Terminal 2 is a crisp remix of the original Terminal, released on a rare "Universal Livewire" Gamma Ray doublepack back in 2002.

Gamma Ray Bookings:

Gamma Ray Entertainment is proud to announce the following tours:

Seba (Secret Operations, Stockholm, Sweden) w/ Robert Manos (Secret Operations, NYC, USA)

North American Tour: July 7th - July 25th.

This man needs no further introduction. A true pioneer with works on Good Looking, Metalheadz, Hospital, Freak, Paradox Music, 720, Warm Communications and more is back for a full North American tour for the first time since 1999. He is joined by his trademark vocalist Robert Manos. In depth biography on Seba and Robert Manos is available here:


A range of dates are currently available at very affordable prices. Seba can be booked separately or with Robert Manos.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Barbosa @ Gamma Ray Bookings.

email: gammarayentertainment@gmail.com
AIM: GammaRayBookings

Ben Sage (Gain, Magic Vinyl, Evol Intent, Disturbed) & Wizard (Gamma Ray, Make:Shift, Good Looking)

European Tour: July 28th - August 20th

The Canadian boys planned an invasion of Europe for the month of August. With releases on such labels as Gain, Magic Vinyl, Evol Intent, Disturbed, Invaders, Camoflage, Gamma Ray, Good Looking and Make:Shift, these two bring fine diversity of sounds with Ben's raw, dark & grimey and Wizard's smooth & futuristic approaches. Ben Sage & Wizard can be booked together, separate or back to back at very negotiable prices. Their priority is to promote their respective music more than making the coin so grab these two fast as they will come loaded with top of the line dubs and skill that can be heard for next to nothing.

More information on Ben Sage & Wizard is available here:


For more information, please contact Stephanie Barbosa @ Gamma Ray Bookings.

email: gammarayentertainment@gmail.com
AIM: GammaRayBookings

Gamma Ray Entertainment:

A brand new website is currently in development and will be ready to launch at the end of May.

Bonus Material:

An interview with Wizard, incl. a 2+ hour promotional mix can be found here:


It's spring time, the skirts are out and we are back!