Newbie Liquid Dnb Track, feedback PLEEEASSEE

thin king

Mar 28, 2008
Not sure if its just me but when them piano keys come in they just don't seem to fit too well - the drums need a change up with the drop they are just the same as in the intro so theres no progression - maybe add a cow bell or a quicker ticker or summat - plus that raspin bass needs to be re-sampled a few times with loads of distortion added, at the moment it just sounds like it lacks a lot of umph. Sorry to sound negative but its best to give constructive advise. The overall groove of the tune is good though mate just needs a few change ups and beefing up. Also I'd advise sticking a spectral analyser on your master so you can get a good idea of how your frequencies are spread out - just had a look and you've got some gaps here and there if you fill them out with a bit of hi and low passing here and there and some notch eq'ing so nowt overlaps you'll instantly have a more full sound. Keep at it.
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Oct 3, 2007
Yeah im working as hard as i can on the EQ/production side on my tracks rather than the actual composition.

Thanks for the constructive feedback, iv been thinking on those points prior to posting though but at least i have confirmation.


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Aug 14, 2008

tune is ok, drums could do with a little more crunch or a toch of distortion but its not to bad...
maybe add some some more stereo width to the tune and sub real low sub bass in there but overall, not bad,


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Aug 19, 2008
Couldn't tell if you sidechained, if you didn't then do that. Maybe add some destruction to those drums(opinion only tho). Maybe some EQ work too. I would have like to see more bass/piano work ><

Nice job overall tho! :D
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