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Only two really, im trying to start a career as a dj and ive been collecting recordes for the past year or so, ive got such a large collection of recordes spread across all genres of dnb i cant really organise them to put a set together efficiently.

can some kind soul help me out and give me a few prime examples of each genre as i dont really have any mates that are into dnb enough for me to trust what there on about.

Secondly, ill just leave this here

Thanks in advance


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First of all, don't be deluded into thinking you can make a career out of mixing jump up in your bedroom, im not trying to be harsh, it's just not going to happen.

As for different genres, here's a few to give you an idea.

Your mix is mainly jump up so that will save me the bother there..

Dancefloor stuff is uplifting high paced stuff with big basslines, seperated only from jump up by WOMPS :teeth:

Liquid is your more 'musical' rolling sounds:

Tech/Neurofunk is the harder grittier sounds for want of a better phrase:

Then you have what people tend to class as 'Minimal' this kinda stuff is moody, dark & atmospheric.

This is of course a very general list of the different sub genres and of course most tracks can easily fit into more than 1 sub genre, but hopefully helps you out.
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