new usva material, mashup style

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Mar 24, 2002
Halfway between the gutter and stars
Here presenting some of the new harsh usva material, straightforwardly tech (mostly) and rave madness...if you heard these already then all commenting is ofcourse welcome :lickface:!

Spank Game (retrospank) by omtrak
lofi stream
download 8,27MB
Bit on the oldskool side, amen mashing, hoovering, all that plus c64 madness theme.

Burnin Luv from introuble
lofi stream
download 6,19MB
Raw sounding hardstep but with high raga vibes. Dont let the name fool you though... no easy loving...

Attack Run by omtrak
lofi stream
download 7,09MB
Cruel break techism. Dark atmosphere and merciless compression.

Logikz - The Mind (usva remix) by introuble
lofi stream
download 5,03MB
logikz's older piece gainnin some usva influence.. hardnoizytechstep with lil raw rave touch.

Warp Down (introuble vs plastiq)
lofi stream
download 6,47MB
Organic sounds with violent hard basses and squeeky bleeps... this goes somewhere between techstep&hardstep and gots some oldskoolish vibes as we like to do it.
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