New Tune Atmospheric Vocal Amen Roller


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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
I like it! Rolls well, nice trancey kinda sound. Vocals are very nice, too. Good sumertime track. Like the way the vibes come in and out. Like the breakdown at 6:57.

Could have done with a few changeups on the bass/drums. Maybe a 16 bar patern instead of an 8 bar pattern, would help the song stay fresh longer.

Bass could have been much louder, drums need to be compressed more. Vocals could be a bit higher filter/eq-wise. Slow attack synths occasionally take up too much sonic space and overshadow the drums and bass.

Good work - I'd be happy to play it if you gave me a copy.


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Mar 18, 2003
A, A
this is very nice!!
really likin it, would be good to get a higher quality version of it!!
quality tune needs quality encription :)


J-Damm DnBJungle
Jul 19, 2003

junglist soldie

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Jul 10, 2003
no lie man this is the only unsigned tune ive gone back to.
It's got all the hallmark's of talent.

Ok so it COULD be better e.g more change up's with the drum's but it's fine as it is aswell which must mean somebody should sign this geezer!!

Definatly a good example of what dnb stand's for, and not just endless distorted sound's but a tune that hit's you where it hurt's.

This is in my collection for personal use no doubt but i'd rather buy it on vinyl all label's you know what to do.

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