NEW snatch 'Can your speakers take the bass?' promo mix


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hello all.

threw thi little mix together earlier today for a bit of fun.
turned out pretty good so i thought id upload it and share it with you.

All tunes were chosen off the cuff, bit of 3 deck usage in there aswell.
Bit of old and a bit of new, tried to mix it up a bit.

my CUNT of a neighbour started wacking my door down at disco dodo otherwise i would have more than likely carried on. If anyone has any revenge ideas for her ruining my mix with an unnecessary door knock then please, suggestions will be taken.

This is the promo mix for my "can your speakers take the bass?" line of mixes. First coming 1st November 09, eyes peeled ;)

For the last 2 mixes i wacked the tempo right up just for jokes as you will be able to tell.

Anyway hope you enjoy and feeback appreciated as always.


320KBPS // 35 MINS


Original sin - therapy
>>Lomax - artisan VIP
Darkotic & Interface - Typhoon
Hazard - selector
Mampi Swiftone finger
Serial Killaz - Code red
Hazard - meat bubbles
Original Sin - decibel
Sly & Pacso - manga style
Pleasure - wishmaster
Jaydan - suicide
Original sin - dont be silly
Eddie K - planet terror
>> E.S - disrupion
Connecta - roll that chick
serial killaz - killa klash
Taxman - evasion remix
Lynx - disco dodo