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Alright, i'm moving to a new place, and i guess it's time to learn about room acoustics now so i have a question.
The room i'm moving in is quite small it's more like narrow and long.
So i am wondering which way should i put my speakers. Facing a wall that is nearer? I'd say it's probably 2 meters max, or the opposite wall being further back which i'd say is 4-5 meters?
Also about soundproofing, are there any simple quick fixes to do? So i woldn't annoy the other people that much.
And is there any way where i could read about this in a simplified form, not some 20 pages of text.


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Face the speakers down the length of the room mate, that way you'll have a few less problems with reflections from behind you.

Have a search on the Sound on Sound website for "Studio SOS", looking through some of those articles will give you some good ideas of how to get the best from your room, again, good info on soundproofing and acoustic treatment can be found over there aswel.

The John Sayers websites a bit more specific to studio design, and theres some decent stuff over there, but thats more like the 20 pages of text you want to avoid! Its still worth a look, a lot of it is aimed towards big studio builds, but its all good to know and helps no matter what sort of project your going for.

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soundproofing a room is a huge task, and it can become quite costly too. It would be more effective to get decent headphones for those times your neighbours/housemates/parents are on edge.

Acoustics can be improved very cost-effectively however. Easiest thing is to have something soft but heavy material to block reflections from walls. Many people use framed rockwool covered with a thick cloth to prevent the dust from spreading. Some use thick countoured polyurethane sheets (the heavier kind, not the soft fluffy type). has a good informative picture about the positioning of the absorbers.

Bass inconsistency is harder to tackle, because the wavelength is so much bigger, you'd need much much thicker materials. Usually people just fill out 4 corners of the room with rockwool (even the 2 behind the speakers helps), like this:
<-why the fuck doesnt it work?
Can't say much else about bass traps, never tried them myself.
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