New Remix !!


Ipswitched Suffolk
Nov 17, 2010
im always a bit scepticle of some one telling me their own tune is massive.means that it has to be seriously good by the time i hear it.....

its different i can tell your mainly a dubtep artists which i dont think is a bad influence atm
i shouldnt like those drums....but i do
has a nice free flowing groove to it. most of my stuff (wether i like it or not) tends to be a lot more rigid
good work


Mar 11, 2010
Wicked City
no no i didnt make this tune.. im a dnb artist through and through. a geezer from india remixed an original tune that me and my boys did.
but your right, he is a dubstep artist by trade. i think its his 1st dnb / halfstep tune he has done..

glad you liked it!!

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