New mixer advice


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Alright guys, I'll give you a little in-depth of my setup so you can judge it and tell me what your choice would be.
I use serato and ableton the bridge software, I currently have two stanton st150s, a pioneer djm350 two lpd 8's at the side of it, an apc 40 and a denon dnhc1000s, i use the lpd8's for effects as the mixer's effects are useless and cues etc and other mappings which i find to be good and a pair of dicers. serato's effects aren't that good too but hey whatever.

I'm down to the exler HAK 360/380 (what is the difference apart from the £100 and the size difference, seriously to me they look the same) and a vestax PMC05 black, i'd rather not get the vestax i'm mainly down to the ecler mixers as i hear they are amazing to scratch on but i have no clue. if you have one of these i mentioned or between the price ranges of them and know something better for my purposes, please please tell me :)