New in mixing


Nov 27, 2008
Porto, Portugal
hey, i listen to dnb for about 2 years , and now i'm starting to get interested in mixing.
i'm thinking to buy this

£ 119.00

£ 116.47 each

what do you guys think? witch material is better for beginners(i dont have a lot of money).

big up, from Portugal
you'll probably need another deck as mixing with one deck is pretty hard BUT PROPER OLD SKOOL DUDE.

if your just beginning, i'd reccomend
3xTechnics mk5g's [with Ortofon Concorde needles]
2xPioneer CDJ's
Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer.
Like Smarty suggested, go for one of those Numark "DJ in a box" packages because their perfect for a beginner and really good value too. There pretty much ideal for someone starting out, I started on one of these Numark packages then grew to love mixing and got a better setup after about a year.


Shop around though, you might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else.
dont buy cheap decks to start.... my mate brought the nurmark decks...and there good but hes looking to buyin technics....yeah technics are more expesive but in the long run there cheaper cos you wont ever need to buy another pair of decks...

my technic 1210s mk2s cost me £400 with a good numark mixer, 50 dance vinyl of ebay second hand...they are in mint condition!

have a look on ebay...£400 aint a lot of money cos you WILL buy technics if you get into mixing.
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