New EP by ZEPH4R feat. Kryptomedic out now (T3K)

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    ZEPH4R! You did not recognize him yet,
    but it is important that you keep his
    name in mind. Hailing from the Saarland
    in Germany, he is making strong tunes
    with a very own concept. He is part of
    a very succesful series of events called
    "Tiefklang" and he is playing wicked sets
    there and elsewhere. He is an example of how
    things should be done and the living proof
    that you have to follow your own path.
    This is his debut EP and it features four
    superdark and twisted things.
    So we can conclude: there is a very special
    thing going on in the most southwest region
    in Germany. Now its time for you to not miss it.


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