New Drum n Bass track for review please


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Sep 22, 2016

You want to make sure the vocal is in sync with the rhythm. It's fine to have artistic freedom there, but right now the vocal goes off sync pretty badly. Use the DAW metronome if you have to.

Sounds to me like you're pushing into the master limiter/compressor a bit too much. Everything sounds pretty squashed. Make sure you've created enough room for the bass sound by cutting low freq's out of all other instruments. (drums can go down, but even there you don't really need to have much going below say 60hz. Sometimes I cut all the way up to 120hz)

Try using more spacious effects, delay and reverb can be nice when used with care. Your synths could occasionally boom into a nice reverby sound with automation, just as an example.

In any case, you've got some nice ideas and I enjoyed the uplifting feel of the tune, especially in the second half. Keep it up!


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Nov 9, 2014
Hi Speak, thanks for the feedback. Do you mean the vocal isnt in time? the accapella is 80pm and my track 174bpm I tried to get it so fit with the beats and chop to that. I didn't do any time stretching and chose the acapella as was the same key as my track. I'm still struggling a little finding female trance like vocals to go on my dnb, any ideas where to get some and should I be trying to match the metronome with the vocals?

In terms of frequencies do you place a low cut on every track other than the bass sometimes up to 120htz?

I''ve also done a version with no lyrics


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Jan 31, 2016
hi gabs, thanks for sharing your track. i like the intro, sounds interesting to me.
imo, the chords and bass sound is kinda off (from 1min), maybe you can look into freq., scoop some out in the mids (i.e. 500hz region).
the piano in the breaks needs to be turned down quite a bit, also add some affects (i.e. delay or reverb).
other than that a nice track with lots of potential, i like the easy going vibe, go on developing this one further :2thumbs:
PS: the instrumental version sounds far better, the vocals need work, don't match imo ;)
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