New Drum n Bass track for review please



Like the upbeat feel and the island vibe. Also there is a real feeling of animation going on between the high notes that give color and nice texture. Love that vintage arcade game tronix effect. Just wondering when Zoey gets to Brazil will he or she be seeing S.PY. perform before the big games on the calendar lol. Fun and crisp. Keep it up and feel free to post on my fb DNB group as well, love to have ya ☆ BCNo.⓽ ☆


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Hi gabs, nice tune already, all seems to fit well: arrangement, drums, leads, vocals, overall sounds quality. not knowing what equipment you use .. maybe you can try working on the master sound by layering freq ranges with EQing in all single channels.
Hi Maschinistom, thanks for the feedback I use logic pro x and plugins: massive ultrabeat es2 etc... In terms of mastering I used an adaptive limiter and turned the gain on full in this track (12.0 db) still think could do with being a little louder but hit the max. I also used a multipressor which I boosted the lowest quarter frequencies and highest quarter a little more than the mid freq's. When you mention layering frequency ranges with EQ'ing in all single channels do you mean for example take the kick and snare frequencies out of all the none kick and snare tracks to make them stand out more? I did that with the bass tracks. Could you explain a little more eg what specifically to EQ freq's etc I know it may seem basic? Thanks in advance,