New DJ Hidden, I:Gor and Triple Sickz MP3s & 5 free mixes


SSTD003 ‘The Memento Mori EP’ featuring 4 tracks by DJ Hidden and I:Gor is now available on MP3 download from...

Beatport Memento Mori EP


Ad Noiseam


Sustained Digital sees its sixth release, 2 dance floor smashing core n bass tracks, Damage and Incinerator, from Triple Sickz, This is their second release on Sustained Digital with more on the way soon. These tracks are available from...

Beatport / Incinirator

Clips of the tracks and all the previous Sustained Digital tracks are on

They have just put together a cheeky little mix for us you might want to check out...


SSTD004 ‘The First On To Die Wins EP’ is coming on vinyl VERY soon

It features 4 tracks which you can check out at

A. Enduser – Jane Doe
B. The Teknoist – Unheard Voices
C. Scheme Boy – Para VIP
D. Broken Note – Shark

We have some promo copies at Sustained Records HQ. If anyone wants to be one of the first people to own this on wax hook us up on MySpace or SoundCloud.


On top of all this Ninja Columbo has just released the second instalment of the ZomBfree mix download packs. Grab it here...

It features 4 free mixes by...
Duran Duran Duran (an old skool mix from the breakcore bad man)
MacheeeN Boi (Core n Bass from the Sustained Records head honcho)
Septic Insurgent (actually good dub step)
The Zebz (gnarly dnb vinyl mash up geezer)

Check out some other freebies here...

Peace and bass. x