Drum & Bass New Collab - Interested To Hear Peoples Opinions

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    Jul 24, 2014
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    hello fellow DnB ravers/Djs/Producers

    Myself And DJ FSP have started a Collab Under The Name of BassKadetz, So far we have received some decent feedback locally on our mixes and a few productions, but looking for a wider span of followers (whether its to give critical/good/bad Feedback and would love some support like many up and coming DJS

    If not too much trouble we would love to here peoples opinions, being on the DNB rave scene for 10 years and been into DNB from a young age, this is an industry we are very passionate about.

    We have done a few events based in Northampton.

    If you wouldnt mind passing through on our soundcloud page there are some Free Download Mixes also available if you like what you hear.

    Links -


    Appreciate people checking this out if you have done Salute!

    Big Upz