NEW!! Abstractions Mix Vol. 20 by J.Robinson + Shima

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    New mix from the abstraction crew, mixed by J.Robinson & Shima bringing you a deep selection of Tribal sounding beats with lots of percussion.

    Download available from the soundcloud page


    Morphy - Chinagraph Pencil (Tech:Noir Dub)
    Subtil - Tribe (TRIBE12 dub)
    Resound - Idlers (Hardware Dub)
    DBR UK -Policies (Morphy Remix)(Dub)
    J.Robinson & Shima - Hidden Zoku (CX Digital Dub)
    J.Robinson - Tribal Effect (Tech:Noir Dub)
    J.Robinson - Chiefdom (Hardware Dub)
    Joe Seven - All Prolouge (Exit)
    J.Robinson & Shima - Babylon Informer (Cylon Dub)
    J.Robinson & Mental Forces - Corruption Dub (Voodoo Dub)
    J.Robinson & Shima Feat Grimm - Come Correct (Dub)
    Reskript - Knowings & Intelligence (TRIBE12 Dub)
    The Untouchables & Mental Forces - Season of War (TRIBE12 Dub)
    Morphy & Ed Oberon - Voodoo Stew ( Tech:Noir Dub)
    Gremlinz & Friske - Natty (Melee Dub)
    Codex - Top Secret (TRIBE12 Dub)
    Lowcut - Therapist (Alphacut Dub)
    Katharsys - Walkin Device (Barcode Recordings)
    Amoss - Mentality(Hardware Dub)
    Codex - Vodun (TRIBE12 Dub)
    The Untouchables - Tell Dem (TRIBE12 Dub)
    Theory - Not your Fool (Translation Recordings)
    Morphy - Toucan Dub (Translation Recordings Dub)
    ?????? - ?????? (TRIBE12 Dub)
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