Neosignal 003 feat. Phace/ Misanthrop/ Noisia


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Back on track we would like to officially announce the third Neosignal single release.

Catalogue No.: NSGNL003

_a/ Phace & Misanthrop - Mammoth

_b/ Phace & Noisia – Sore Point

Not ones to keep let the fire die, Phace & Misanthrop saddle up for the third release on NEOSIGNAL. “Mammoth” is the first time we see Phace & Misanthrop lock horns on their imprint, and the epic rumble that is “Mammoth” lives up to their past feats. The track’s other-worldly bass rolls off of itself, creating a funky bed for the stabs to accent perfectly. On the flip, Phace links up with Noisia for the subdued pressure of “Sore Point”. Reminiscent of the early days of Virus, this track establishes a minimal vibe with the eerie melodies and quirky bass, but with repeat listens comes new textures and movements that roll out over the tune’s duration. Expect the usual suspects to champion this release. NSGNL003 is another brick in their wall, helping piece together a strong foundation for Phace & Misanthrop to continue building and exploring upon. (Words by Khal)

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Neosignal`s next release will be in approx. 3 months time and will be the second feature of the Neosignal core foundation. Tracks entitled:

_a/ Phace & Noisia - CCTV
_b/ Misanthrop – Factory 5

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