Nemesis5ive Blacklisted Episode 4


Unknown Junglist Soilder
This podcast has a few different styles in it from electronica to dnb to techno-dnb to some ambeint all the way to dub-step. Hopefully you guys will take the time listen.

1. Bop: Enjoy The Moment (Stereotype Remix)
2. Morphy: Samsara - (Linden Remix)
3. Jean Doe: State Of Transition
4. Diode: Pulse
5. Allied/Kayntze: Square One
6. Implant: Trash Cans
7. Isotop Feat. Kaiza: Headroom
8. Kaiza: Rom
9. Zero Method: 3rd Block
10. ???????: Neurowave
11. Linden: Day By Day
12. Pyro: React
13. Vex'd Feat. Warrior Queen: Take Time Out
14. Bassnectar: Basshead
15. Dirt Monkey: Hurricane14
16. Epademik: Good Shit (Nemesisfive's Srewed And Chopped Edit)
17. Monsta: ????????
18. Spl: Cobalt
19. Meth: Street Biz
20. Nemesis5ive :Aaargh Out Of Time/Out Of Sight (unfinished)