Need some help with a bassline

Hi, im veerry new to making my own music, ive made a heap of half ass tracks that always seem to hit a brick wall after a few hours because I just cant seem to make good basslines. I have scoured youtube for tutorials but none of them are very good to be honest and they dont go too in depth. I always resort to dropping a few lines of 3xosc in a tune which makes it sound really flat and boring.OR else the bassline just wont fit the songs atmosphere. I will be the first to admit that i am musically illiterate, but im determined to improve.

So the question is, does anyone know where i can go to educate myself on how to make a real baseline?
Here's just an intro of a track I whipped up today, but i think it has potential so I wanna push on.

Cheers :)
Well, im kinda noobcake but maybe I can help.

1. every1 and their mother seems to be using massive nowdays, try to get ur hands on that and watch some 1k tutorials that exsist regarding it and u should get the hang quickly. If ur stuck with preset VSTs (im guessing in fruity since u mention 3xosc) try searching some addon presets, find a nice bassy 1 and change it up a bit.
If find that the best way to learn how to make a bass sound or how to learn to use a certain VST (or something else) is to take a preset and mess with it's settings to see what makes it 'tick'. (or if all else fails, just use the preset, tho im guessing u don't wanna do that ;)).

Also, u can take just about any sound, something in Toxic Biohazard, Sawer or some other VST, doesn't need to have alot of bass, and layer it with 3xosc that's just 2 sin waves on -12 and -24 playing the same thing as ur other sound. That can turn that sound into a (basic) bass sound with proper low end. U can even mess with that 3xosc a bit and get a not-so-basic sound.

That was regarding the ''sound''.

If u have problems actualy writing a bassline (notes wise) then u just might need some inspiration. I found that here helps the thing I learned while playing guitar. Just listen to some music u love (specificly basslines in them, but it doesn't need to be a bassline, any melody can do the trick) and try to play that melody (replicate it) on ur keyboard with ur sound.
Now if u were experianced enough (which im guessing u are not) u would probably succeed in replicating the notes and would end up with pretty much the same bassline. But since ur not, u will probably end up with something different... similiar, but different. Then u tweak some notes in it and voila, u got urself a nice (original)bassline. :D

Hope this is at least a bit helpful :p


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thats a nice bit you got there and i can hear a sustained 3 or 4 note reece bass under it quite easily. its how you make liquid, no?