Need some help/advise.


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Aug 19, 2008
I sliced up the drums from some songs in Mix Master Mike- Anti theft Device.

Is there any way I could reduce the background noise? (sounds like air on the kick drums and snare, it's easy to tell in the beginning)

And overall, what do ya think?


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Jun 22, 2007
yo nice work there,love mmm. the break changes are good fun. I think I can hear the noise you want to reduce, my opinion is, you cant do much, unless you are a complete wizz which i aint, but this is what i would try. Mayb put a mulitband comp on it and up the bass and tweak the release so it causes it to shy off quicker, or try completly reducing certain frequancys with an equlizer. but make the bandwidth really sharp so u can cut what u want. I'd be keeping it in there personaly. That sorta extra noise is what can make a break come to life IMO.
ps. sick sample right at the start,
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