need help (cubase)

I installed massive in cubase and I would like to give some automations to these 8

in a NOT real-time way because I don't have any controller... I would need something similar to edit-in-place mode which I used to create the melodies

any kind of help is appreciated
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Not really sure what you're asking... Are you trying to work out how to automate the macros without using a controller to dial in the automation? Or are you trying to work out how to apply the macros to parameters in Massive?

If it's the latter then you just click on the little cross button in the right hand corner of the macro and place it on one of the little boxes under whatever parameter in Massive you want to affect, then just drag it to adjust the amount.

If you're looking to apply any automation in Cubase, just activate the Write mode, which is represented by a little 'W' in the top left-hand corner of any VST (It should turn Red and should activate the Read mode represented by an 'R' next to it, which should also turn green), then play your track and adjust any parameters that you wanna automate. After this you should be able to access any parameters that have been automated in the little drop-down tracks below your main track and from there you can edit the automation as you like. Don't forget to turn off the Write mode after you've finished, but keep the Read mode on so you can make adjustments.

Alternatively, you can just activate the Read mode and look for the parameters within the parameter drop-down menu on your track - if your name your Macros they should be pretty easy to find.

I'm not even sure this what you were asking, but hopefully it helped! :)