Need For Mirrors - Food EP [HZN078] out now!


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Need For Mirrors head up Horizons 078 with the 'Food EP'. A symposium of sound that grips you from the very start. A array of brutally hard hitting elements dominate the tracks, whilst not detracting from the musicality and invention of them. With plenty of nods to the past, in particular to the golden era of tech step tunes in the late 90's - this is a modern take on a classic recipe.

'She' : Distorted kicks and snappy snares fuse effortlessly with squelching synths to create a monster of a track that harks back to 98'. Throwing off the shackles of minutely detailed production, this one is all about the groove.

'Food' : Title track 'Food' blends a big rolling sub layer with intricate drum shuffles and layered pads to bring out a slightly deeper flavour. With interesting vocal samples sprinkled around, 'Food' is a reflective yet powerful piece of music.

'Oscillator' : Bringing together a sharp, catchy vocal and layering it over a surging kick pattern forms the foundation for 'Oscillator'. Add in a raft of futuristic noises and edits, as well as an understated yet powerful bass, and you have the workings of a real dance floor damager.

'Pedestrian' : Despite the name, this is anything but pedestrian. Stripped of unnecessary elements, the track focuses around a huge bassline that rumbles throughout. Drum work that swings uncontrollably, and subtly worked pads help bulk it up, but the sheer simplistic strength of the track makes it stand out.

'Kink' : A distorted horn and organic drums set the tone for 'Kink'. As with the other tracks, a big sub sets the tone, whilst precise drums crash through. Mysterious and sinister atmospherics flit in and around the track, bring a tense and strained atmosphere to complement the main body of the track.

Once again Need For Mirror's demonstrate his obvious talents over the course of the 5 tracks for Horizons. Uncompromising in approach yet still retaining musical elements. Full of swing, groove and energy, this is quintessential Need For Mirrors.