nayf - Blurred Horizons - multi genre mix


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An eclectic mix of styles, incorporating dubstep, house, downbeat electronica, ambient and breakbeat. An emotive mix to trail out the summer sunshine and rain.
1. B12: Hall Of Mirrors (Digitonal's String In Space Remix)
2. Ital Tek: Restless Tundra
3. Starkey: Stars (Few Nolder remix)
4. Way Out West: Intensify (PMT remix)
5. Bvdub: Only The Willow Remains
6. Foals: Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie remix)
7. Ils: No Soul (PMT remix)
8. Mount Kimbie: Ruby
9. Churst: Walking Home
10. ASC: Midnight
11. Gorillaz: Tomorrow Comes Today
12. Arc Of Doves: Pluto
13. Ten And Tracer: Rainbows Burn The Stars
14. Roof Light: Kite Tails And Redwings
15. Analog Workshop: The Devil Is Digital
16. Christoph Schindling: Reunion Day
17. Vaccine: Cascade
18. Auditory Canvas: Chrysalis
19. Sysyphe: Sinking
20. Sunosis: Bleeder
21. Vektordrum: Shinjuku Zybrian
22. Quosp: Green
23. Four Tet: Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins remix)
24. Dark Globe: Break My World
25. Autopilot: More Lies
26. Dead Can Dance: The Host Of The Seraphim