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National Lampoon's Dub Vacation (Dec. 2006 Mixtape)


the least jiggy.
link here (sendspace & megaupload links in the blogpost)

for the Dubstep heads. My usual mixtape styles, so don't go looking for tight mixing... but it rolls nicely.

let me know what you think, esp. of my boy DJ Nappy on the mashup tip!


02/Eek-A-Mouse "Christmas A Come"
03/"Clark's Remark"
04/Young Joc "Going Down (Nappy's Dubstep Mix)"
05/Protocol X "Future World"
06/"Aunt Bethany's Arrival"
07/Lil' Wayne "Go DJ (Nappy's Dubstep Mix)"
08/JuJu "Red Up"
09/Coki "Shattered"
10/"Clark Explodes"
11/Lil' Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia "Act A Fool (Nappy's Dubstep Mix)"
12/"Eddie's Gift"
13/SDM "Got It"
14/"Hell's Threshold"
15/Benga "Evolution"
16/Loefah "Mud VIP"
17/Digital Mystikz "Earth A Run Red"