Nasty Habits - Shadowboxing (Johnny L remix)/4 Da Cause (full vocal remix)

After being rumoured for two years the Shadowboxing remix finally makes it's way on to vinyl. Originally the gossip mill said this was going to be by Dillinja which would have been pretty devastating although I think Trace would have been a good choice as well. The beat is as solid and metronome like as they come, a blatant two step and a nod to the original remix all those years ago. Johnny L's production is totally spot on for this kind of sound as it's crisp and in your face at the same time. The stormclouds of the very bassy synth indeed slowly roll in to view bringing the oppression from early on in the track. The breakdown gives the storm more chance to breath and suck in the turbulence around it stirring up "shaolin shadowboxing" samples from the murk. A piece of music that is all about the darkness and few have managed to surpass it's doom laden atmosphere. As a fan of the original I didn't think much of this remix at first especially as it seemed to just replace the original synth with more of a distorted guitar sound, but it's grown on me and is bound to get people shocking out in the clubs.

4 Da Cause remix will be familiar to anyone in to the jungle from 98 onwards. A cheeky little roller which is almost too simple for it's own good. This version is enhanced by the vocal in the breakdown which is ripe for the sampling although I think a lot of gabba producers may have beaten you to it. I can't find any other words for this tune other than b-side material. Some people might like it's minimalism but it doesn't have enough variation to hold your attention for long.